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Why Indic Voice?

India has produced the most outstanding, durable and continuous civilizations that the world has seen in its entire length of history. India did not lose its civilizational continuity despite the existentialist challenges posed by invasions, genocide and colonialism. Indic ideas have traveled far and wide and have made a tremendous impact in all spheres of human life. There is a new wave of acceptance of Indic ideas the world over.

However, there is one frontier where India and Indic Civilization is attacked and vilified, viz. the academia. This includes the academia within India.

The “Iron Curtain” Today
There is an “Iron Curtain” in the academia today. Any professor wanting to see the other side is immediately impaled. Any passing mention of greatness of Indic Civilization is met with ridicule and the “gulag” awaits them. Campuses should be the harbinger of debate and discussion. Instead, we see threats, sit-ins and riots.

Repression in the Academia
The academicians and intellectuals who espouse Indic ideas often encounter discrimination and hostility and find it difficult to assert their autonomy. Many institutions openly disparage any intellectual endeavour or discourse that seeks to identify any specifically Indic aspect to them. In addition, espousal of a Indic identity can lead to the loss of routine institutional privileges as well as threats to physical security on occasion.

Need for an Indic Lobby in the Academia
Given the situation as is seen today, there is an urgent need to build a strong lobby of academicians all over the world who can come together and speak for the Indic Civilization in one voice.

Thus, the Indic Voice.