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JNU Professor Prevented from Attending Office

Prof. Makarand Paranjape was bullied and prevented from attending office by the Leftist students. This is the statement issued by the Professor:
“I was prevented from going to my office this morning by striking JNUSU cordons of students. The stand-off continued for a long time. They shouted slogans against me, called me names, and hinted that I was outnumbered twenty to one. But I also shouted slogans that I would fight for my democratic rights and the rights of all those who wish to dissent. In the end, I succeeded, but only after I had offered satyagraha myself, sitting down in dharna, and holding the students’ feet to push them away from the door. The guards were totally ineffective, though preventing a civil servant from discharging his duty is illegal. A lone voice is also effective if there is conviction or justice in your cause; JNU culture also means not succumbing or buckling to anti-democratic bullies.”


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