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A Rebuttal to Partha Chatterjee

A Rebuttal to Partha Chatterji:

I read this amazing article ( https://thewire.in/142901/general-dyer-indian-army-kashmir/ ) by Professor Partha Chatterjee about Major Gogoi’s exploits. I could not believe why people would read such an inanity, and more important, why I found myself wasting my time in rebutting it. Puerile comparison of the ingenuous action of Major Gogoi with the violent one of Dyer speaks volumes of the common sense exhibited by Prof. Chatterji. I need say no more about his wisdom. Given the conditions on the ground, Major Gogoi’s solution was perhaps the most practical since it avoided needless violence and bloodshed on both sides. Any other solution would have ended in violence and bloodshed.

Tenured professors are somewhat like wise sages, Gurus, or men of great realization of ancient times. These professors may barely teach a course or two and are given plenty of free time to pursue research. In hard sciences, it is not easy to fake research since everything has to be verified and proved. Unfortunately, such is not the case with social sciences and humanities. Much futile and valueless work is produced under the name of scholarly papers which are often opinions, at times an idea which, if followed, could lead to social suicide. Most of them have no true value.

How do these modern Gurus fill their empty time? Since there are only few who can have true originality, the rest of this crowd scavenges the whole world to find some real or imagined injustice, oppression, and grievance to show their righteous, indignation. This to them seems to be the only way to justify their fat salaries, perks, and oppressive tuition on students.

Unfortunately, there are not enough inequities in the world to meet the need of such a large crowd of superfluous number of professors. What to do?  This group is aware that people expect some weighty wisdom from them. But lacking such wisdom, most of them have hit upon a clever ploy. We find this stratagem employed in all the writing of this wisdom brigade of so-called professors. The ploy is to say something obviously nonsense that is contrary to commonsense to shock the reader. They do this with such élan and flair, using some gobbledygook, some fancy words, unintelligible jargons, that dumbfounds the readers. The readers, in turn, are dazzled by this fancy footwork and are snowed under the impenetrable oracles of these wise Gurus. The reader now starts questioning his own commonsense and agrees that none but the most wise could shock their commonsense in such a way. But there are also some like those innocent children who discover that the Emperor has no clothes.

Author: Dr. Bhagwandas Lathi [ http://indicvoice.org/user/lathibp/ ]



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  1. Sunil Kumar Bhattacharjya July 11, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Partha Chatterjee simply does not believe in comparing Apple to Apple. Major Gogoi was trying to inhibit / deter violence and that is highly commendable. Partha Chatterjee is equating the peaceful initiative of Gogoi to the wanton mass-murder of General Dyer.


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